July 7, 2009

Burning Question - Are You Still an Insider?

On July 2, Wizards have raised the subscription rate of the D&D Insider by a couple of dollars on average partly because of the exclusive content and early previews of completed sections from future products a year ahead.

So for this week's Burning Question.

Are you still planning to be an Insider with the new subscription rate?

While a couple of dollars probably isn't much but some have considered that the exclusive content doesn't justify the price increase.

If you are not a subscriber, are you planning to subscribe for the exclusive content despite the increased price?


A Hero said...

I signed up for an additional year at the "introductory rate". So it will be awhile till I have to think about it.

So for me, I think it depends on where things stand with D&D insider in November 2010. At the moment, I don't quite think they are worth the new rate. If they introduce a decent amount of useful tools and content, they might be.

However, I think they have reached the limit of what I am willing to pay. If they were to have another price increase, say to $14.99, I doubt I would be able to justify it.

Jake said...

I also added another year onto my subscription before the price increase, but yes I would pay the current price for it.

I'm more likely to stop buy books than I an to stop subscribing to DDI.

Sal M said...

I got in on a trial month to try out the Character Builder, but I'm probably going to let the DDI subscription lapse until the Monster Builder is available. The Dragon/Dungeon content just doesn't justify it, and the Character Builder as it stands holds all the info I'm going to allow in my current campaign.

Ameron said...

Like A Hero above I too renewed at the old rate as soon as they announced the increase in price. Since I don't live in the USA (I'm from Canada) I actually saved money with the currency conversion this time around. But long term I do still plan to keep my DDI subscription. I always paid for the paper copies of Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine so I'm not really looking at that much more of an out-of-pocket expense. If anything I'm getting more bang fro my buck.