July 7, 2009

Word of Wizards - Previews for July and Beyond

Previews for July and Beyond

This month's preview is quite a short one and it only previews the releases up to August.

Martial Heroes 3 which was not previewed is shown here.

It's nice to see a good dragonborn miniature for clerics, paladins, fighters and warlords and the paintjob looks excellent.

An alright looking eladrin ranger despite the plain looking pose.

A gnome rogue-like miniature which should be useful.

An extra excerpt from Divine Power features the Avatar of Freedom which is a mortal incarnation of Avandra or Melora or any other deity of freedom and liberation. When becoming an Avatar of Freedom, they have Freedom of Mind and Body (21st level destiny feature), they get +2 to Dex and Wis. They can also Liberate the Mind (21st level destiny feature) which gives an ally a +2 bonus to saving throws dominated, immobilized, restrained and slowed.

When an Avatar dies or is dying, they return with a Liberating Revival (24th level destiny feature) which lets him regain hitpoints equal to his bloodied value and allies within 10 squares are freed from slowing, restraining and immobilizing effects. At level 30, the avatar becomes an Agent of Freedom (30th level destiny feature) which makes him immune to domination, immobilization, restrain and petrification. They also ignore difficult terrain and can shift their speed as a move action.

Broken Chain (level 26; daily) is a stance that allows all allies that starts their turn within 5 squares of the avatar to make a saving throw against each effect that can be ended by a save.

A couple of magical items from Adventurer's Vault 2 is shown.

The Rat King's Cloak is a magical armor that grants resistance against swarm attacks and they can move through a swarm without provoking opportunity attacks. Space-Bending Weapon allows you to hit an enemy 5 squares away as though they are adjacent to you.

Finally to kickstart the preview for the Legendary Evils monster set, they have given some mouth watering pictures along with their stat cards.

Balor (back, front)

War Troll (back, front)

Salamander Firetail (back, front)

Yochlol Tempter (back, front)

Human Rabble (back, front)

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