July 21, 2009

Burning Question - Your Eberron Campaign Idea?

The 4E Eberron Campaign Guide is released today and no doubt Eberron DMs who have been able to get their hands on it are planning their next campaign.

One major shining point of the setting is that can accommodate different types of campaigns from high action, pulp adventures to dark political intrigued campaigns or a mixture of both.

So for this week's question,

What is your next campaign idea for Eberron in 4E?

While I won't be able to get my hands on the Eberron Campaign Guide anytime soon but the setting does not seem to be greatly affected by the transition to 4E, unlike the Forgotten Realms. So most of my 3.x campaign ideas still remain intact.

For me, I much prefer the political aspect between the Five Nations and would like to try running a campaign where the PCs are hired as freelancers by the Breland King's Citadel, acting as black ops agents to do the dirty work of the Crown or counter-espionage against rival nations.

Would like to hear what are you planning for your Eberron campaign.


Marcin said...

I just bought the book, and I am super jazzed. My campaign follows a storyline for each tier. Heroic will be like 24, where the heros race around Khorvaire, trying to prevent terrorist attacks from the Lords of Dust. Paragon is a bit like Dune, with international politics, as the Inspired invade Khorvaire under pretenses of protection. And the last tier, the heroes will take the fight to whomever they like, be it the Lords or the Dreaming Dark. Globetrotting will be big in this campaign.

Questing GM said...

Hey Marcin,

Welcome to the blog and thanks for sharing.

That's an awesome idea! I like the idea of exploring every corner of Khorvaire.

I've never really thought about what my players could done past the paragon tier but I would probably be looking for a villain to fits the epic scale.