July 13, 2009

Questing's Readings - Psion Edition

Wizards have released the complete version of the Psion class from Player's Handbook 3 for DDI subscribers which introduces a different type of power mechanics that has no encounter powers but giving them power points to augment their at-wills.

Psion and psionics in general has always been one of those hotly debated topics in D&D because some either loved it or hated it. One thing's for sure, Psions and psionics has always been an exception rather than the rule in D&D and even though I was certain that 4E has streamlined it when they announced a psionic power source. It seems that the designers has managed to carry on that tradition.

So in this special edition of Questing's Readings, these are the posts that bloggers from the RPG Bloggers Network had to say about the new Psion class and what are their thoughts about psionics in general, now that its arrival into the game is inevitable.

It also has some good spoilers (or teasers) for those who don't have a subscription for DDI to read the full psion class.

A Hero Twice A Month
A new class and new mechanics

Beneath the Surface" Has anyone played the Psion yet?

Critical Hits
4E: Psion - by the Numbers

Dungeon's Master
Psionics Suck!

Psion Review/General Stuff

Geek Ken
Preview: the Psion Class

Psion: How to multiclass?

Points of Light
Debut: Meet the Psion
Angra, Tiefling Psion

New D&D Class: The Psion

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