July 12, 2009

Questing's Readings - 12/7/09

This week is an invaluable week for DMs. There's a bunch of posts with great advice on DMing, a couple design tips, resource links and even business tips coming out from the RPG Bloggers Network. So without further a due, let's get on with the readings.
A wealth of RPG worldbuilding advice
If you haven't been following Uncle Bear's excellent worldbuilding series, then here is the one stop post to catch it all compiled together.

Gaming Brouhaha
Want to inject more roleplaying in to your 4E game?
Some ideas of using characters' personal goals and beliefs and rewarding descriptive play as good ways to bring the roleplaying that 4E seems to be 'missing'.

JavaWorld's Daily Brew
10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons
A demonstration of what you learn from the gaming table can be applicable and, in fact, sometimes useful in real life. This post is taken via The Escapist on Life Lessons from D&D.

Inkwell Ideas
RPG Resources of the Day: 101 Fantasy City, Town and Village Maps
RPG Resources of the Day: Two Sites with Hundreds of Real Historical City Maps

The first post contains maps of fictional and fantasy maps while the second one contains real and historical cities from different periods. This is really a great list to mine from.

Jonathan Drain's D20 Source
Golden Rules of Game Mastering
Two very important rules that every GM (and player) should know about GMing.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
New Players in Old Campaigns
Inserting new player into an ongoing campaign with veterans can be a pretty delicate task. If not done properly, it can slow things down tremendously. So here's a 3 question checklist to ask yourself if you have done your part as the DM to make them comfortable not only to the rules but to the ongoing campaign.

Player Advice: Information Management
The only post this week that is for players. A list of really good questions to ask yourself when playing your character to make informed decisions. This is particularly useful for espionage themed games and it can be useful for DMs as well.

Musings of the Chatty DM
4e Lessons: The Penny Arcade/PvP D&D Podcast, Part 1
4e Lessons: The Penny Arcade/PvP D&D Podcast, Part 2

Chatty's observation about 4e classes and DMing from the three D&D podcast sessions with the Penny Arcade/PvP crew and Wil Wheaton. There's some pretty interesting points brought up in the second part of the series, especially the one differentiating the types of DMs that Chris Perkins and James Wyatt are from Chatty's perspective.

Newbie DM
The DM binder, folder, or notebook
What is a DM binder and what should it contain in it. He even shows what is in his own DM binder. I'm starting to believe that you can actually run a game with this alone without having to do any prep at all.

Back Behind the Screen , and in Front of the Computer
4 things you can do when you are suffering from gaming withdrawal or just aren't getting enough out of your gaming.

Sly Flourish
Four Skill Challenge Tips
Designing and running skill challenges has always been a challenge for DMs who are new to it. So here are four simple tips to make it easier to run and things to keep in mind when designing them.

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