July 10, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Avatar of Death

Divine Power Excerpts: Avatar of Death

The Avatar of Death is death incarnate who has temporarily taken mortal form and have come to realize her true form when she reaches 21st level and has the Death Knell feat. With this knowledge, the avatar knows no fear for death and can only wait to rejoin with the eternal essence of the Raven Queen or some other deity of death.

Upon realizing her true destiny, the avatar gain Foresight of Morality (21st level destiny feature) which increases her intelligence and wisdom by 2. She makes certain that Death Comes to All (21st level destiny feature) which makes her powers ignore 20 necrotic resistance.

Woe to those who would attempt to bring death to avatar before her time. When an avatar dies, she returns with a Deadly Revival (24th destiny feature) if she dies for the first time on that day. She regains hitpoints equal to her bloodied value and all enemies within 10 square of her are vulnerable 15 against necrotic damage until the end of her next turn.

She is the Harbinger of Demise (30th level destiny feature) bringing certain fatality to those who are on the verge of death. When an enemy ends their turn adjacent to her with 25 hitpoints or less, they immediately die.

To those that would try to avoid death's embrace with spiritual and physical healing, she brings Inevitable Death (level 26; daily). Each enemy within close burst 5 gain 10 vulnerability against all damage and cannot regain hitpoints through regeneration or healing powers (save ends).

Any thoughts on the Avatar of Death?

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anarkeith said...

A perfect destiny for my Drow paladin of the Raven Queen. I love it.