July 10, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Q'barra & Table of Contents

Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Q'barra & Table of Contents

The final excerpt from Eberron Campaign Guide details on the monsters and the natural resources that can found in Q'barra revealed through Nature checks. From this excerpt, Q'barra might be the new de facto homeland of the dragonborn in Khorvaire.

Finally, there's the table of contents of the book which has altogether 7 section, not including the introduction and the appendix which contains the sample adventure. Here are the following sections to expect;
  1. Introduction
  2. Adventures
  3. The City of Towers
  4. The Five Nations
  5. Greater Khorvaire
  6. Beyond Khorvaire
  7. Dragonmarks
  8. Gods and Cosmology
  9. Appendix: The Mark of Prophecy
  10. Index
  11. New Monsters

I'm pretty excited about the campaign guide because it has a whole section on the City of Towers. It might only be 8 pages which won't be enough to compress all the info from the Sharn: City of Towers supplement in 3.x but it's one of the hallmark location that I would start all my Eberron campaigns in.

Another section that makes me happy is that they have included the King's Citadel under Breland in the Five Nations section. The section on dragonmarks might be interesting since it dedicates about 2 pages to each of the dragonmarked houses.

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