July 3, 2009

Word of Wizards - Divine Heroes 3

Divine Heroes 3

In this box, we have the male Genasi Paladin, female Human Cleric and male Human Invoker.

Genasi Paladin
The first and only genasi miniature in the set so far and it is looking very fine. With the armor and shield, he can easily be substituted to be an armored martial class. This miniature can land a Forbidding Strike (Level 1? At-will) that grants an adjacent ally damage resistance until the end of your next turn.

Human Cleric
Even though it's a reused sculpt, this is still a very good looking miniature and the paint job looks pretty. While it seems to be more suited to be an invoker than a cleric but it could equally be used as any other spellcaster like the wizard, warlock and sorcerer. It could also be used to represent an eladrin or elf too.

As a cleric, she can create a Healing Circle (Level 16; Daily) that not only lets each ally within burst 5 to regain 15 hitpoints but anytime they spend a healing surge within the zone that last for the end of the encounter, they regain an additional 5+Cha mod hitpoints.

Human Invoker
This is the best looking miniature of the lot and with this to top it off with the previous two miniatures, I say it makes getting this box very worthwhile. Just like the previous one, it can also easily be used to represent arcane spellcasters but for half-orcs and shifters.

As an invoker, he can blow you away with an Astral Wind (Level 1? At-will) that pushes enemies away and makes them stay there.

Well that wraps up all the previews from this set and I have to say that this is the best box of them all, in my opinion. Not only it has nice sculpts but it also has a great amount of versatility too.

Any thoughts on these miniatures?

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