July 3, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Xen'drik and Religion

Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Xen'drik and Religion

The excerpt shows the lore on Xen'drik which can be reveal through Arcana checks. Nothing new there in terms of fluff but it's good for someone who is unfamiliar with the history of that continent. The map is really nice though and I'm quite surprised that they have page space to include it in (but it can only mean that there is less page space for something else).

For the religion section, the excerpt sheds a little light on the Blood of Vol. There has been some small confusion among Eberron fans when the religion was listed as being unlaigned in the Player's Guide. Whether this a change of the direction and the feel of the cult is unlikely but there are no spoiler information to be found here either.

Maybe the secret lore and stats of Lady Vol is a big hint otherwise. Although I'm a little surprised that she is only a Level 19 Elite Controller.

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