July 6, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Virtuous Paladin

Divine Power Excerpts: Virtuous Paladin

While the excerpt reveals that there would be two new builds for the paladin in the book, it only showcases the Virtuous paladin which helps to remove harmful effects from his allies.

The build's class feature, Virtue's Touch can remove blinded, dazed, deafened, slowed, stunned or weakened conditions once per round which can be used number of times equal to his Wis mod (minimum 1).

There were also 3 daily prayers shown in the excerpt.

Majestic Halo (level 1; daily) deals 3[w]+Cha mod radiant damage and imposes divine sanction on enemies that start their turn adjacent to the paladin. This is most probably the new divine challenge for the virtuous paladin but what does it actually do is not revealed.

Failure is No Option (level 22; daily) teleports all allies within close burst 3 a number of squares equal to the paladin's Cha mod to be adjacent to an enemy. The allies also regain 15+cha mod hitpoints.

Name of Awe (level 29; daily) deals 5d8+Cha mod thunder damage to enemies within 5 close blast and makes them immobilized and weakened (save ends). On a miss, it deals half damage and slows the targets (save ends). The targets are also put under Divine Sanction.

Any thoughts on the virtuous paladin?

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