July 10, 2009

Word of Wizards - Legendary Evils Preview 1

Legendary Evils Preview 1

The preview for the second set of monster miniatures, Legendary Evils has started and it will be the first set featuring huge-sized miniatures since they changed the format of distribution for D&D Miniatures. Each booster will come with 1 visible huge miniature, 1 large rare, 1 medium or small-sized rare and 2 commons.

This set will have 8 huges, 12 large rares, 12 medium/small rares and 8 commons.

Now onto the miniatures in this preview.

Elder Green Dragon
It might not look much but I'm assuming that it'll look awesome since it's has to be a huge miniature. It's good that they have updated the new 4E look for the green dragon but to me it doesn't matter as long as its green.

Githzerai Mindmage

Githzerai Cenobite
This set second set finishes up on the githzerai appearing in Monster Manual. One major spoiler revealed in this preview is that the githzerai will be appearing as a playable race in Player's Handbook 3 so these guys can definitely be used to represent your characters as well.

Hoard Scarab Larva Swarm
Useful as a three dimensional representation of a pile of gold for the unsuspecting player.

Psychic Sentinel
Based on the Psion-killer monster from the 3.x Psionic Handbook, it is now a servitor for the githzerai and is a Level 12 Elite Soldier. This could also be used to represent a large fire elemental monster.

Any thoughts on these minis?

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