August 3, 2009

Questing's Readings - 2/8/09

July is gone and the month's blog carnival roundup is already up over at 6D6 Fireball where bloggers give their thoughts on all things related with D&D. From how it has change their lives to its well being and the future.

Now we're in August and that can only mean one thing in the gaming world. It is that time of the year where gamers would make their annual gaming pilgrimage to gaming mekkah; GenCon!

In line with this month's major convention, Chgowiz from the Old Guy RPG Blog will be hosting this month's blog carnival with the topic on conventions, Ren Fairs, carnivals and festivals whether in-game or out-of-game.

Readings has been a little slow but this week we've got good posts on worldbuilding, DMing tips and even a useful initiative trackers.

Beneath the Screen
Learn To Say "Yes"
Good advice on how to improvise and how to handle moments when players have derailed your plot. It even mentions a mistake that DMs tend to make to put their players in line.

Dungeon's Master
Condition Tracker
A very simple yet useful initiative and condition tracker pdf to use on your table.

Inkwell Ideas
10 Ways to Vary Your Game World's Cultures
10 aspects of culture for worldbuilders to consider when they are creating a new race or society. It is really a good list of things to consider and it can really differentiate each culture from the next.

Social Rewards in RPGs
Some thoughts on why social rewards in RPGs are not popular and some ideas on how to implement them mechanically.

Not just in Character, but in Style too
How hard is it to get your players to roleplay the way you want them to so that it suits your campaign genre or style. Is there a way to encourage roleplaying in style.

Mike's Mind
Turn by Turn: IniTracker
An introduction and step-by-step on how to use a free online initiative tracker.

Beginner tips for effective narration
Some very good advice for DMs who are having trouble with their narration. It even gives you some pointers on what makes an effective narration, what should you describe and what are the common pitfalls that leads to boring or confusing narration.

Sly Flourish
Four Questions with Robin Laws
An interview with Robin Laws asking 4 questions about how he runs his 4E game. He's got some unique and specific advice about running 4E combat and skill challenges.

The Why of Worldbuilding
Why asking yourself questions like an annoying four year old could help create a better world.

Worldbuilding 101: Designing a soundtrack
Uncle Bear giving some great ideas on how to use music in your game for more than just setting the mood for your encounters.

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