August 2, 2009

Gary Gygax Statue for Lake Geneva

Gail Gygax, wife of the late E. Gary Gygax will be proposing to the Lake Geneva Park Committee to place a statue of her husband at Library Park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Gail supposedly had discussed her desires to have a statue of Gygax before his death and wish to turn this dream into a reality.

"Gary gave millions of men and woman a reason to open a book - I discussed my desire for the statue with Gary just before he passed - he was pleased. I hope I can make the project a reality."

Gail will be approaching individuals from the film, computer and gaming industry for the project.

Members of ENWorld, where this news was posted on, have speculations of what the design of the statue should look like.

Do you think a statue of Gygax himself is the best way to immortalize him? How about a statue of an adventuring party, equipped for dungeon exploration? The human in the party could be given Col Pladoh's face.

Come on now, what Gary really deserves is a 25mm lead miniature. I'd buy one of those.

A stone table with Gary seated at it as if DMing would be cool, especially if no one minded groups coming and using the table for games.

If they should base the design of the statue based on [the cover of AD&D First Edition PHB] with Gygax being one of the "thieves" and the idol's eye being a d20.

Taken from this thread.

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Rev. Lazaro said...

If this statue does go up, I believe the term will be "Than Longen Folk to Goon on Pilgrimages."