August 2, 2009

Word of Wizards - 1/8/09

Excerpts from this week shows a couple of new magical weapons suited for the primal classes and a couple of rods useful against undead and formorians from Adventurer's Vault 2.

For miniatures, we get to see the Remorhaz, Adult Brown Dragon, Hezrou and a couple of new draconians and goblins. Although the previews series concludes this week, but watch out for the remaining miniatures from the Legendary Evils set in this month's upcoming Preview for August and Beyond.

The cleric's role as the healer in the party is now but history in 4E. With the recent release of Divine Power, take a look back at the evolution of the cleric through the editions to see what has changed and what has not.

Other than the usual goods, Wizards have also made a couple of announcements.

The winners have been decided for the Don't Split the Party contest which reunites a gaming group that has been playing together since highschool and college but have been separated by circumstances since 1993. Wizards will be awarding them with badges and all expense paid accommodations to this year's GenCon which is happening in August.

The beta version of the D&D Monster Builder is now available to DDI subscribers which allows DMs to access and modify any of the published 2,500 monsters including ones from Monster Manual 2. This tool is the first in an array of future tools from DDI's online D&D Adventure Tools but, unlike the Character Builder, will not have a demo version and is exclusively for anyone with a DDI subscription account.

If you have a copy of Elder Evils, you might want to check out the 4E conversion for the encounters in the book by Wizards which includes a separate pdf for statblocks.

As for the monthly magazine wrap-up, Wizards have posted the art and map galleries for this month's issue of Dungeon and Dragon. One remarkable difference in this month's gallery is that Wizards have included marked and unmarked versions of their maps which is hopefully something that they would continue to do for future issues.

This week's rundown.

Monday (27/7/09)
Adventurer's Vault 2 Excerpts: Weapons

Tuesday (28/7/09)
Legendary Evils Preview 5

Wednesday (29/7/09)
Never Split the Party Contest Winner
4th Edition Conversion: Elder Evils
Dungeon 168 Art Gallery
Dungeon 168 Map Gallery

Thursday (30/7/09)
D&D Monster Builder Beta Launch
Legendary Evils Preview 6

Friday (31/7/09)
D&D Alumni: The Cleric
Dragon 377 Art Gallery
Adventurer's Vault 2 Excerpts: Implements

The editorial calendar for August is out and next week, we'll be seeing more excerpts from Adventurer's Vault 2. Insiders who are also fans of psionics would be delighted to see the Githzerai making its 4E debut as a playable race this coming Monday.

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