October 27, 2009

Questing's Readings - 25/10/09

It is one heck of a week with ups and downs. This will not be your regular Questing's Readings as nothing has caught my eye for this week for some reason. One reason could be that the events that had transpired this past week.

The whole RPG Bloggers Network debacle from last week has escalated and climax into an ugly controversy. After discussing among themselves for a few days, it has been decided that the administrators (Dave, Danny, Graham and Phil) will be stepping down from their respective positions and are looking for someone that can bear the torch.

They have delivered an ultimatum that if no proposals are forthcoming or to their liking by the 27th of October, the RPG Bloggers Network will be shut down.

Factions have emerged with their own differing views of how they would run the network but we will find out the future of the network on the 31st when the former committee will make their decision on who they will handover the network to.

But in the aftermath of this, Uncle Bear, Berin Kinsman, who was one of the contenders for the RPGBN withdrew his campaign and started something else. The Roleplaying Media Network is a social network very much like Facebook and 'Wizbook' but it is growing very rapidly and has seem to gain more traction with the members of the RPGBN.

It is not a feed aggregator and is not a replacement for the RPGBN but a place where members can interact through forums, groups and share videos and photos.

At the same time, there's still some good things going on between bloggers who are still giving back to the gaming industry. Zach from RPG Blog II had this idea of a Small Press Week where he and a few gathered bloggers went out to interivew, review and post about anything done by small game publishers and their games. You can read find a compilation of the links made during Small Press Week here.

Who knows in the future, there might be more Small Press Weeks in the future.

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