October 27, 2009

Questing's Readings - RPG Bloggers Network Edition

When Dave Chalker, Danny Rupp, Graham Poole and Phil Menard have announced that they will no longer be in charge of the network, it did send shockwaves across the blogging community.

Their labor of love and passion has benefited many bloggers (including yours truly) and may have even been the reason why some roleplayers started blogging in the first place. We cannot deny that without them there wouldn't be a network to wrestle over with today.

Although some harsh words were thrown before they came to that decision, not all have been criticism against the founding members of the what I called the next best thing since ENWorld. Perhaps there were some regrets of what's being said about these gentlemen but that's not what I'm trying to point out here.

In this special edition, I have compiled a list of posts by bloggers who show their gratitude for the (apparently, thankless) job that Dave, Danny, Graham and Phil have done for the past year. Although it was a sadly short run, it was a good run.

This is my gift to them and I bid them good luck in whatever the future might bring for them.

Dungeon's Master
On the RPG Bloggers Network

Geek's Dream Girl
Oh Captain(s), My Captain(s): To The Men Behind The RPG Bloggers Network

Rule of the Dice
To Dave, Phil, Graham and Danny... Thanks for creating the RPGBN

Stargazer's World
The RPG Bloggers Network won't die ...

Symptoms of Madness
Dave Chalker, I salute you

The Geek Gazette
Goodbye RPGBN, it has been fun

The Spirits of Eden
A Round of Applause

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