November 2, 2009

Questing's Readings - 1/11/09

It's November and the former board of the RPG Bloggers Network have made their decision. Dave Chalker has made an announcement, after deliberating through the 6 proposals that were submitted, they have trusted the reins to Duane O' Brien from A Terrible Idea.

You can read what the future holds for the RPGBN in Duane's inauguration post but it doesn't seem to imply much drastic changes. Time will tell and we'll see in the first month.

Of course, a new month means a new topic for the blog carnival. This month, the carnival is hosted by Uncle Bear where he ask bloggers to share their thoughts on community; a fitting subject since he started the Role Playing Media Network and with the recent transition of the RPGBN.

Not only does this topic comprised on the online community but to the off-line as well. It would be interesting to see some post that describes their gaming community outside the US.

This week's readings has been pretty fruitful as there are good advice in various areas from GMing, adding elements into your game and some RPG-related history.

A Buttefly Dreaming
Adding Fear to Your Game
Since last weekend was Halloween, here's some pointers on how to instill fear into your game and how not to.

Campaign Mastery
Legendary Achievements: Colouring Your Campaign with Anecdote and Legend
How the Guinness Book of Records can help to improve your description.

Ask the GMs: PC Choices and Consequences
Great advice, especially if you are running a sandbox (some of the advice even points to that direction), on how you should decide how your PCs' actions have an impact on your setting.

Critical Hits
5 Tips For Running Dungeon Delves
Although these advice are aimed for running short delves, it is still good advice for any DM who is running a long-running campaign.

Purple Pawn
Dr Thomas Radecki’s List of D&D Related Deaths and Violence
An interesting link to murder cases during the 80s scare that this insane psychiatrist claims that D&D was the cause of it.

The RPG Anthenaeum
Five ways to recycle an old D&D campaign
Some elements in a campaign that can be reused even in the same campaign.

Level up your creativity with an 'imaginary bank account'
Few GMs underestimate the power of carrying a notebook in your pocket when an idea pops in. Here's another way you can organize your inspirations and ideas that comes to mind.

The Spirits of Eden
Creating Controlling Powers
Although aimed at developing new controller powers, this is a very good insight into the mechanics of controller powers. While useful for homebrewers, I also think this is useful for min/maxers.

Wyatt's Advice On Play-by-Post Recruiting
I don't play-by-post but these advice should be useful for anyone who plans to start. You obviously shouldn't take advice from a guy who has predominantly played online for 5 years *wink*.

Whitehall ParaIndustries
Looking Back: Elements of Complexity
Groups and Complexity

A breakdown listing different types of game complexity and how groups relate with game complexity. I admit that I do have my own taste of complexity and this could explain why I'm also adverse to some others.

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