November 9, 2009

Questing's Readings - 8/11/09

This week's highlights would be on a couple of post on free softwares that are useful for creating props for your game.

Critical Hits
Pain of Campaigning: Literature and Adventure Planning
As GMs, we've all had our moments when we read/watch a great piece of media entertainment and tell ourselves that we want to run a campaign just like it. Here's some advice on how to adapt your favorite books into a campaign but I think the best advice is the last one. Never be afraid to admit that you stole your ideas from somewhere.

Game in the Brain
Some Open Source Tools for Game Material Production
A list of free open source softwares for from simple writing to 3D animation. Useful to say the least.

Geek Related
Preparing Image Visual Aids For Your Game
A step-by-step tutorial on how to extract images from PDFs to use them as visual aids.

Your Prefect D&D Character: Part 1
My group hasn't use the first technique and I personally would like to see it being used in my group once, I think it really helps to build characters that are easier to fit into the campaign feel and can potentially increase the fun the players are having with their characters.

The RPG Anthenaeum
Eight variations on the standard pit trap
Getting tired of the old pit trap where a character simply just falls into? Here's some ideas to modify or add more uses for the pit trap than just a hole on the floor.

Worlds in a Handful of Dice
The RPG Course – Lecture Six
I'm so envious that this guy gets to study in a RPG course at uni and it's really nice of him to share his thoughts about what he learns. It's interesting to see what are being taught in a RPG course. In this post, he talks about pervasive games.

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