December 18, 2010

{Quest Log} The news of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

Just wanted to post some thoughts and update which doesn't fit into a tweet and to remind the RPG Bloggers Network undertaker that this blog is still alive and is not waiting to be raised yet.

So after nearly a six month hiatus from gaming except for a sprinkle of one-shot sessions, I've finally managed to end up getting back into the DM's hotseat once again.

The main reason for this isn't because my work schedule has settled down somewhat but because one of the players would be leaving us for about a year, due to work, and he wanted to get his hands dirty with some dice before leaving. Plus, I was offered to run a game since our resident GM wants to play again.

This was a fine opportunity to get back into DMing but not the more permanent basis which I had hoped for.

The plan is to run the sessions in January and would probably last for two weekly sessions. So modules are out of the question and I'm thinking of going for an extended delve or two separate delves each week.

The game would be 4e and I'm looking to set the players at 5th level with the default party size of five, probably set in Eberron.

At the moment, I'm really not sure what sort of adventure I would like to run, so I'm soliciting for any kind reader to throw me a bone so that my dog-brain will have something to gnaw (though I've been looking up at the Order of the Emerald Claw a lot last night).

That's all to say that the news of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

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