January 2, 2011

{Quest Log} New Year Resolutions for 2011

2010 has generally been a year where my gaming has taken a big hit. New job, new life, new priorities means that gaming has been taking a real backseat for the past year, as you can tell with this blog going really quiet compared to in the past.

It's hard to imagine sometimes that this blog has been around for more than 2 years and looking back at some of the old posts, it does show how the quality and quantity over the years has been a dead drop.

While I won't say that these resolutions that I have in mind for this year are the sure things that I want to keep due to real-life circumstances, I think this post should be a good reminder of what I plan to do with my gaming life for this year.

Game More
Since I started my new job, I've only had a handful of sessions last year. This is due to scheduling conflicts with my day offs with my player's (I work during the weekends).

But things are looking slightly brighter at the end of the year as work is starting to stabilize and it's easier to plan ahead for gaming sessions. So, this year, I plan to run or play in a gaming session at least once a more, if not on a weekly basis.

So far, my Eberron one-shot is coming out really well and I should be running it soon sometimes during January 2011, which makes me excited. Probably would do a post about how it goes.

Finish My Silver Marches Wiki
Progress on this has been slower than I like. I admit that procrastination is among the faults of why it is still undone. At this point, I'm almost done with the wilderness aspect of the wiki and am making headway into databasing the cities of the region.

I hope to get it done as soon as possible within this year
, so that I can run a 'Western Marches' style sandbox campaign with it that will sustain my gaming life for a very long time to come.

Blog More
I've told myself many a times that I would get this blog back up to speed to whatever glory days it had, if any.

Unfortunately, my detachment from 4E has been so long that I've gone completely out of touch and have little interest to support whatever WoTC does with the IP.

While I claim many a times that Pathfinder is my new love, I have yet to really take a deep crack into the rules system and decipher them.

At the moment, I'm forseeing that this blog will be filled with more personal posts about my games and session preps than actual 'real' content for gamers to share. My plan is to increase my frequency back to a weekly, if not twice monthly basis.

I'm still open to do reviews but I doubt that I'm really the right person, with the right experience to say anything reliable. I've also been playing around with an idea of including more RPG news into this blog but I think it would be more appropriate if it was in another blog. What do you think?

That's all really, these gaming goals/resolutions are simple and intentionally abstract since they do collide with my personal and real-life resolutions.

I don't need overly complicated ones like learn and play a new rules system, a new genre or introducing the game to new players when I know full well I can't maintain or achieve those goals.

Maybe those will come later when real life circumstances permit. Do feel free to share what are your gaming resolutions this year and how you plan to go about them.

Happy New Year and keep on rolling those dices!

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