February 14, 2011

{Quest Log} Happy Valentines, Gamma World and Need Some Advice on Session Recordings

First of all, happy Valentine to those who are celebrating the day ( just passed a few minutes here as I'm writing this) with their loved ones. Just wanted to take this opportunity to post a little of what I've been doing on the gaming front these past weeks.

My first one-shot session of the year went well, although the player we had it for didn't manage to have his last game before he upped from town and moved to the capital for work. I wish him all the best, though we will miss him.

The one-shot ended up being a two-shot session since the first two encounters took a little longer than expected. So we saved the climatic last encounter which lasted for the whole of the second session. It was a blast, but had no much to mention about, except for that it showed how rusty I have been with GMing.

I regretted not taking photos of the session, so I could show you guys our gaming group and remember the great moments we had during the session. Recording my gaming sessions has been something on my mind for a while. I do know there are sites that do live-stream or keeping voice recordings of their games but I wonder if anyone here who has done this before would be willing to share their experience, and what equipment do you use for recording your session?

This week, my gaming group invited me over for a game of Gamma World during the weekend. I'll admit that I'm not as hyped for this 'boardgame-RPG hybrid' (at least from what I've heard) but am willing to try it none the less. Any tips anyone would like to share while playing this game?

Silver Marches Wiki
Progress of my Silver Marches wiki is going slowly but steady, I'm already starting to get into the city entries. Once I'm done with that, I still have the regional history, organizations and NPCs to deal with. But overall, things are going well at the moment.

Only in the second month of the year and I'm already not being able to keep to my new year resolutions. But I haven't been completely absent for the past weeks in the bloggersphere, it's just that I've restarted seriously contributing RPG-related news to the Purple Pawn, so my posts were mostly there than here.

I'm still playing with an idea of putting up my notes for the one-shot I did if I sorted them properly, would anyone like to see them?

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Chadarius said...

Hey there! I love your blog and I keep tabs on it from the RSS feed that I have at

We record almost every game we play in our Lords of Tyr group. We use uStream, which works just fine. There is a free uStream Producer application that makes things pretty easy.

If you are using a Mac, then CamTwist is a must have and its free. On the PC side WebCamMax is a great option, but it does cost $50 for a lifetime license. It does everything CamTwist does and then some.

The Snowball mic is awesome to pic up whole room stuff Lots of podcasters swear by it. But honestly, my cheap old Logitech webcam picks up whole room audio as good if not better. I have and use both.

These apps will let you do all kinds of awesome things. I tend to like to have our playing surface (digital or otherwise) as the main screen and then have the DM's face in a picture in picture. With two cameras I can also switch the playing surface back out to a wide shot of the room if I feel like it.

The uStream producer also allows you to record locally I believe but I generally don't worry about that. You can download the video later and mess with it if you need to.

I run an Audacity session to record just audio for podcasts as well. The uStream session acts as a backup for audio should anything weird happen.