January 5, 2013

{Quest Log} Restarting the Quest

Gosh, it's been more than a year since my last update. This post certainly wasn't what I had intended to follow-up my last post, but it just goes to show how gaming has been so detached in my life in the past year. From resigning my job, getting relocated to a new town, finding my feet in a new job, new place and a new life, gaming has certainly been put on the back burner once again. So far back that the RPG Herald has become defunct.

Now, with a new boring job that seems to show a semblance of more peace and more controllable disposable free time, gaming has once again resurfaced into the agenda and so not wanting to digress to bore you with the details about how my non-gaming life has affected my gaming, I'm back.

Aptly enough with the start of this new year, the RPG Blog Carnival has set up its tent for New Beginnings, so I took it as a wonderful opportunity to restart my blogging as a questing gamer. I don't know what are my future plans for this blog will be, so I think I will be going with the flow this time around as I go through some of my older posts to pick up on any old ideas that I wanted to write about, or restart my presence in the RPG Bloggers Network and the RPG Bloggers Alliance. I have no gaming resolutions for this year (after not meeting any single one of it for 2011), so I'll just be slowly getting my swing back for gaming.

I believe much have happened in the gaming world during my absence for the whole year, so there's plenty of catching up to do. In the meantime, I'll be revisiting old friends in the bloggersphere, but let me just say that it's good to write for this blog again.   

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Welcome back!