July 11, 2016

[D&D RAW] Hiding, Invisibility & Other Sneaky Business

This is a compilation post of the entire Hiding, Invisibility & Other Sneaky Business series. Feel free to navigate the post that you need to refer from here. Although the post are written and intended to be read in the order I have set here, I try to make sure that whichever parts that are referred to in another post are hyperlinked in each post.

Hiding, Invisibility & Other Sneaky Business

Last updated: 11/7/2016  


1sowa said...

Thanks for this great series of articles. I find that the whole stealth/hiding area is one where players like to get as much as they can, not cheating but just making assumptions in their favor that they don't liked to be called on. Having a bit more solid info on which to base rulings is super helpful.

Questing GM said...

Glad to hear someone benefiting from this series. Then I know it has done its job. The Player's Handbook has a habit of having different pieces of interrelated rules scattered over it. A clever player would be able to exploit single pieces of the puzzle on an unprepared DM, but a clever DM would read ahead and be prepared. That's the reason why I wanted to start this series, and hopefully there's more to come!