October 22, 2008

Word of Wizards - D&D Miniatures Changes Announcment

D&D Miniatures Changes Announcement

Demonweb, the next D&D miniature set that will be released this November will the last of the randomized miniature sets put out by Wizards.

Yesterday, Wizards has made an annoucement that in Spring 2009, they will be releasing two new lines of miniatures; D&D Heroes and Dangerous Delves.

D&D Heroes will be a non-randomized miniature set featuring miniatures for the classes and races from the PHB and PHB II. The first of the series will have 6 packs (2 for Martial & Arcane heroes and 1 for Divine & Primal).

Each pack will contain 3 miniatures (2 male and 1 female) which will be visible through the packaging to allow buyers to pick the ones they need.

They will also be 3 new power cards with brand new class powers.

Each pack is tentatively priced at $10.99 (RM38.76)

Dangerous Delve will be featuring miniatures for monsters from the Monster Manual. It will still be semi-randomized with each box containing one visible mini, one rare, one uncommon and 2 commons. Each miniature will come with a Dungeon Delve stat card.

This line will carry 40 medium and large sized miniatures and is currenly priced at $14.99 (RM52.86) for each pack.

This news has been all over the RPG bloggersphere since it was announced. It has been considered a good move by Wizards, not gender discrimanatory but also received skeptically.

I first heard about it a month ago here and I'm happy to hear official word that Wizards is proceeding with the plan. Although prices are a little steep (before and after conversion) but this is what I always envisioned what D&D miniatures should have been all along.

Although Wizards has taken a step towards the right direction but I hope that it won't turn 5E into a miniature & card boardgame and brand it as a RPG.

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