November 12, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #15: Builder Beta

Digital Insider #15: Builder Beta

As subscribers will know that the character builder beta was launched on monday so this week's Digital Insider is just a compilation of good things that what testers had to say about the product.

I was quite surprised to see that Randy Buehler had even quoted what bloggers had to say. Critical Hits and RPGcentric had a few nice things to say about the builder but I guess they also missed a couple of other not-so favorable reviews about the beta builder from Livingdice and Lords of Tyr

Me? I'll just be using something that's free; tinwatchman D&D 4E Starting Character Generator.


Dave The Game said...

I don't think it was particularly an effort to leave off the bad reviews... it looks like he just grabbed the three links from the front page of ENWorld.

Questing GM said...

You're right, Dave.

And here I was thinking that Randy Buehlher had actually come and visited

Tony Law said...

I know he's visited my blog before so maybe he has been to RPGBloggers. :)

Questing GM said...

Hi, Tony.

I wonder if he'll ever visit mine.

Tony Law said...

The only reason he visited mine was because of my open letter posts. ;)

Questing GM said...

Sounds like an idea.