November 7, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Flamebrow Commander

Martial Power Excerpts: Flamebrow Commander

The Flamebrow Commander is a follower of the military manifesto written by a legendary dragonborn general, Dhuryan Flamebrow.

He was famed for taming his own province from barbarism and hostile monsters, eventually making it one of the most prominent in the empire of Arkhosia. His skill and reputation eventually lead him to lead the armies to fight in the war that brough the empire to its knees.

His methods involve leading from the front, fearless against death and making sacrifices for his comrades in order for them to fight on.

Mechanics-wise, this is what the Flamebrow Commander does. All his powers are related with his allies being bloodied and the features of this paragon path bounces the Flamebrow Commander back from death as he charges headlong into combat.

First, Relentess Action (level 11) allows the Flamebrow to apply the Bravura Presence feature on himself which means that he could possibly make two attacks in a roll.

Flamebrow Revival (level 11) is a really good feature because it gives a Cha bonus to death saving throws and to any healing when the Flamebrow is dying.

Followed up by Roaring Recovery (level 16) that gives a +2 to attack rolls when the Flamebrow is gaining hitpoints while bloodied.

For powers, the Flamebrow is good to have around when your allies are all bloodied. Flamebrow Assault (encounter, level 11) allows a bloodied ally to make an attack on a target, and your own attack which deals 3[W]+STR is influenced by that attack.

Rallying Lure (daily, level 12, stance) turns the commander into a fountain of hitpoints only to bloodied allies within 5 squares but as a result they grant combat advantage. A really risky power but it fits with the fluff very well.

Finally, Renewal Smite (daily, level 20) is a straight up 4[W]+STR attack but it gives a bloodied ally a recharge of one encounter power that he/she used up, even on a miss.

Overall, it's a vey flavorful paragon path but how well it really does in combat, we'll have to see if someone plays it on the table. Its powers that are only meant for bloodied allies can be limiting but its Flamebrow Revival really gives it an edge in surviving in the battlefield.

This is also the first time I have seen a paragon path that is completely based off the fluff of the POL setting but it is a natural progression for the Bravura Warlord build.

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