December 9, 2008

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: Episode 30

D&D Podcast: Episode 30

I didn't do an update on the podcast yesterday because apparently the link to download it from the website was for episode 29 and they only fixed it when I checked this morning.

This is the first podcast without our usual host, Dave Noonan and his absence was explained briefly at the beginning of the podcast.

Bart Carroll, who has been the producer of the podcast all along now turned to this episode's host, says that more about the layoff is explained in the latest issue of Dragon's Ampersand.

There isn't any crunchy talk or insights on the latest products in this episode because they have decided to focus on the christmas spirit.

In this podcast, Bart asked around a few staff from WoTC about how they got into D&D and did they ever gave out D&D products to anyone. Each and everyone have different experiences to share but there seem to be a similar pattern in how everyone was introduced to the game.

They were either drawn to the game after reading Tolkien or it was a siblings' intervention that brought them into the game.

I guess in this era, it would be easier to pull in kids that read Harry Potter or play MMORPGs.

Listening to this does make me reminisce about how I got myself into this mess. I would say that I had a mostly similar experience with them but instead of Tolkien, it was gamebooks like Lone Wolf and one day my brother came back with a borrowed copy of the AD&D PHB.

Speaking of giving away D&D, I would like to make a shoutout that is giving away a really sweet 4E D&D starter kit if you could tell them who would you give to this starter kit and why.

So join the contest and have a chance to spread some christmas cheer.

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