April 18, 2009

Word of Wizards - Dangerous Delve Preview 1

Dangerous Delve Preview 1

Now that we're done with the heroes miniature boxes, let's take a look at the side of the Dangerous Delve monster line. No single miniature preview yet on this one but there is a whole lot of information on how this line would work in terms of distribution.

The line in total has 40 different miniatures (16 rares half of which are large, 8 visible large uncommons, 8 uncommons and 8 commons) with monsters from the Monster Manual, Monster Manual 2, Eberron Campaign Guide and Open Grave.

Each booster comes with 5 miniautres. One visible large uncommon, one rare, one uncommon and 2 commons. Each of these miniatures will come with a simple stat card that can make things easier to use in combat. If you buy a case, it comes with 8 boosters that will give you one of all the visible uncommons.

They are trying to make soldier, brute, skirmishers and minion type miniatures to be more common while solo and elite miniatures will be rarer. Each booster might also have a theme. For example, an Orc Eye of Gruumsh (rare) might come with a couple of Orc Terrorblade (common) to make a complete Orc encounter.

Generally, all the miniatures will be receiving 50% more paint steps which means that they would have better paint jobs. While that sounds and looks impressive based on the Cyclops Crusher miniature above, I'm having some doubts that it isn't that great after seeing the Heroes line which was pretty underwhelming. I won't be taking their word for it seriously. Guess I'll just have to wait for the previews and a chance to see it for myself.

If that is the distribution plan that they are sticking to, I think it is a very good incentive for me to buy these miniatures. I would most likely be going for a case than individual boosters though.

How do you think the Dangerous Delve is shaping up?

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