April 18, 2009

Word of Wizards - 18/4/09

It looks like the heated fuss from last week has settled down but things does not seem to have slowed down from Wizards.

This week, we started with the excerpts from Monster Manual 2 and E1 Death's Reach. Then we continued with the miniatures preview both for the Player's Handbook Heroes and the Dangerous Delve monsters.

We also got a couple of the monthly features of Vicious Venues that had a really interesting location, in line with the familiar rules from Arcane Power and a Spotlight Interview with the designers of Dungeon Tiles.

Don't miss out with any of these with the rundown below.

Monday (13/4/09)
Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Adamantine Dragon

Tuesday (14/4/09)
D&D Insider Survey Results

Wednesday (15/4/09)
Vicious Venues - The Three Dancing Cats
Martial Heroes
E1 Death's Reach Excerpts

Friday (17/4/09)
Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Maw of Acamar
Spotlight Interview: Dungeon Tiles
Dangerous Delve Preview 1

Next week, Arcane Power and E1 Death's Reach will be released which will be accompanied by their art and map galleries. We would also expect to see the excerpts and previews from Monster Manual 2 and the Dangerous Delve minis. In addition, we might get a chance to Steal This Hook!

For Insiders, it's going to be a big week with some great articles like Ecology of the Deva and another playtest for Player's Handbook 3.

So anyone want to speculate what's in the playtest?

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