April 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - Spotlight Interview: Dungeon Tiles

Spotlight Interview: Dungeon Tiles

This month's interview takes a step away from interviewing designers of rules, supplements and books and steps into something simpler but is just as important as having a good gaming experience on the gaming table whether during combat or exploring dungeons.

Wizards asked Andy Collin, Chris Perkins, Logan Bonner and Peter Lee on how the Dungeon Tiles were first conceptualized, designed and developed since it was launched in August 2006. It's an interesting look to get behind the whole process of producing these tiles and what is installed for them in the future. There's even some tips on how to organize or store them.

However, the most interesting bit of the whole interview is when asked would they be planning to reprint the older tiles which has recently seen heavy use and demand in the Scales of War adventure path and Dungeon Delve that comes with recommendations on which tile sets to use.

Andy replies that Wizards will be looking into ways of reintroducing the older tile sets (maybe in new tile sets?) and they are hoping to get a plan done for this

That sounds great and would be looking forward to any announcements that they have about this.

Any thoughts on this interivew?

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