April 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Maw of Acamar

Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Maw of Acamar

For today's excerpt, we are introduced to a new monster type called Starspawns and a sample of it, the Maw of Acamar.

Once in a while when the stars are correctly aligned, they send down a starspawn that is the manifested will of the star to wreak havoc upon the inhabitants on the world that gaze upon them from afar. The Maw of Acamar is one such starspawn. A ravenous progeny of the dead star Acamar which devours anything that gets too close to it.

The Maw of Acamar is a Level 15 Controller and it has the aura of a Hungry Star that makes it hard for anyone to escape from its hunger. Anyone that is within its aura of 5 will have to spend 3 more squares of movement to enter a square further away from the Maw.

The Maw is deadly when it is within range. Every square that is closer to the Maw is in danger of being captured by the Maw and it is also even harder to escape from it. It starts with its Corpse Star's Grip (minor; at-will) that pulls targets within a close burst 5 up to 3 squares if it overcomes their Fortitude.

Once within 3 squares, the Devouring Star (standard; at-will) deals 10 ongoing damage (save ends) to anyone within close burst 3 against Fortitude.

When close enough, it reaches a target with its Devouring Touch (standard; at-will) that has a reach 2 against Reflex to deal 15 ongoing damage (save ends). The Life Devourer (immediate reaction, when a creature within 2 squares of the maw spends a healing surge; at-will) is drawn to a strong life force and expands its influence to draw them in. Until the of its next turn, the reach of its Devouring Touch and range of its close burst powers increase by 2 when this is triggered.

As a Destroyer of Life, it continues to drain its enemies even though it has released itself from its grasp. Anyone adjacent to the Maw that makes its saving throw against the Maw's ongoing damage still take 5 ongoing damage.

By itself, I think this is a very deadly lock down monster and having more than one on the field could turn into a party's tactical nightmare. Fortunately as a controller, it doesn't really have alot of hitpoints but if accompanied by a soldier or brute with staying power to defend the maw, it would be one heck of a fight.

What do you think about the Maw or Starspawns in general?

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