April 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - Martial Heroes

Player's Handbook Heroes Preview 5

In the previous Martial Heroes box preview, we were shown the elf ranger, human fighter and dragonborn rogue. Now we take a look at the second boxed set that will have the missing martial class, the warlord.

Together, the male Tiefling Warlord comes with a female Eladrin Fighter and a male Dwarf Rogue.

Tiefling Warlord
An armored warlord with shield makes it suitable to be used as a fighter or paladin. This warlord leads a Rousing Assault (level 1? at-will) that allows him to add his charisma mod to his healing powers for a certain duration in combat.

Eladrin Fighter
It's a reused sculpt but I like the pose of this one. There is supposedly an emblem of Corellon on the shield which means that this miniature can also be used as an elf or eldarin cleric of Corellon (the longsword was his favored weapon). As a fighter, she can deliver a Knockdown Assault (level? encounter?) that knocks an opponent prone when hit.

It is hard to find dwarf miniatures that are not in heavy armor and a hood so I'm quite grateful that this one came up. Although I prefer him to be carrying a crossbow but that is a Hidden Blade (level 6; encounter) that is handy to have.

That should be the end of the preview for the heroes miniature set so we can expect to see monster miniatures coming up next. Can't wait.

Any thoughts on this box or the heroes minis in general?

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