April 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Insider Survey Results

D&D Insider Survey Results

In February, Wizards had conducted a survey on which application should they develope for D&D Insider after rolling out the Character Builder, the Compendium and a batch of minor applications.

The results are in and they have managed to receive 4,000 feedback on how the D&D Insider is doing and what they do next.

While subscribers and non-subscribers would like to have applications to customize and print monsters as their second choice for D&D Insider, their first choice was divided between campaign managing tools and allowing users to print pre-made adventures. With 83% subscribers for the managing tools and 56% of non-subscribers for the adventure options.

At the bottom of the list for these 2 groups seems to be creating character portraits and playing D&D over an online tabletop with less than 70% for subscribers and less than 50% for non-subscribers.

I wouldn't read too much into these numbers as any kind of indicator of what people feel about DDI but I think it sets the direction of where the next application will address. Although Wizards have said that they are acting based on this feedback, I have been hearing reports that Wizards is starting development of the virtual tabletop so I'm not sure where does the result come in or how it has affected Wizards initial plans for DDI.

Does anyone have anything to say about these numbers?


Donny said...

Honestly, it would have been more telling to poll ex-subscribers, and ask why they left, and what would bring them back.

Happy people see fewer flaws, or are less likely to bring them up.

Questing GM said...

Hey Donny,

For the non-subscribers, it was intended to cover both ex and potential subscribers. But I think the whole survey was just asking what should they do next with DDI and the numbers just seem wonky to me.