May 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - Dangerous Delves Preview 7

Dangerous Delves Preview 7

Today is the last preview of the Dangerous Delves miniatures. The next set, called Legendary Evils, will feature visible Huge monsters and released in August. For this preview, we have 3 large miniatures, an upgraded savage monster and one that comes with a lot of chains and spikes.

So up first, we have the...

Hellstinger Scorpion
This large rare scorpion can be found in Monster Manual 1 but it can certainly be used to represent any giant bug as long as you're not particular about the species. This one looks pretty good but then again I'm not sure if making this a rare is a good rarity to go for such an ordinary monster. I don't think I'll be needing alot of these though.

Grimlock Minion
Grimlocks have turned into a paragon menace in 4th edition so this common miniature would come up handy if your campaign is already at that level. It has a very plain paintjob but I'm ok with it as long as I can get as much as I can of this. Now I'll just have to wait for the Mind Flayer miniature to come up and hopefully before my players reach paragon.

War Devil
This monster can be found in Monster Manual 1 and also as a visible miniature. It does look more goofy than the image that is projected from the book which makes this quite disappointing for me.

Chain Devil
I never used this monster before despite it being quite a cool looking monster
(although I actually prefer its predecessor from previous sets). The skin color of this miniature can make it represent some kind of humanoid that is heavily shackled or has a chain fetish. If I ever get this rare miniature, I'll probably use it for my next game.

Young Gold Dragon
Metallic dragons will be making a comeback in Monster Manual 2 but we can take a little sneak peek at this rare one from its stat card. The large Young Gold Dragon is a Level 9 Solo Controller that has a resist 15 against fire. It has a Bite (standard; at-will) that deals 2d8+4 and 2d6 fire damage. Its Double Attack (standard; at-will) allows it to make 2 Claw (standard; at-will) attacks, each dealing 2d6+4 damage. All of its attack can affect a target within reach 2.

I really like the texture they have done on the wings but not so much on the white whiskers. Still, a neat miniature to have.

So that's the end of the previews for this. Hopefully the miniature gallery will be up for this set where we can see the whole set. Any thoughts on these miniatures or the preview?

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