May 9, 2009

Word of Wizards - Early D&DI Information

WotC Trevor posted on the Wizards and ENWorld forums about some recent changes and additions that will be made in the next batch of D&DI updates to the Character Builder and the Compendium. Here's a gist of the contents from the ENWorld thread,
  • There will be no updates for May as it will be moved to the 2nd of June. Starting on that date, D&DI updates to the Character Builder and Compendium will be uploaded on the first Tuesday of every month rather than current schedule which is on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

  • Hybrid Class rules and playtest rules for the Monk will be made available in the 2 June update for the Character Builder. The Monk playtest will also be available in the Compendium in the same update.

There are other minor things that the D&DI team seems to be working on but none of them are official. The official announcement for these will be up the week before these updates are uploaded so sudden changes may happen in between that time.

My only question is will these updates also be included in the free version of the Character Builder?

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