May 9, 2009

Word of Wizards - 9/5/09

This week has nothing been short of a monstrous week. Almost every update from Wizards this week has been all about beholders, devils, dragons, goblins, insects and other monstrosities waiting to be unleashed on your players.

If you don't want to miss any of the action, then run through this week's rundown.

Monday (4/5/09)
Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Bebilith
Previews for May and Beyond

Success Along the Adventure Path 4: The Lost Mines of Karak
Dangerous Delves Preview 6

Friday (8/5/09)
Monster Manual Art Gallery
Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Beholder Ultimate Tyrant
Dangerous Delves Preview 7
Early D&DI Information

Previews for the Dangerous Delves have ended this week and there appears to be only one MM2 excerpts next week, so we'll probably have a break from all that monstrous previews and have some space for other content like a Spotlight Interview or podcast.

Insiders are most likely anticipating the Monk playtest that will be appearing on Monday as well as the Penny Arcade adventure that will be in Dungeon on Wednesday.

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