June 13, 2009

Word of Wizards - 13/6/09

With the upcoming release of Eberron Player's Guide, this week has been dedicated with content leading up to its release. Not only were the last of the excerpts from the book out, they gave some ideas for DMs to start building an adventure with this month's Steal This Hook! and a D&D podcast episode on some of the mechanic changes and flavor of the setting.

If you haven't been aware, Wizards has also been giving other preview materials from Eberron Player's Guide through some bloggers (Geek's Dream Girl, Geek Dad, Ain't It Cool News) and on Wizards' Facebook page.

Everyone is getting so excited about Eberron that D&D Online: Stormreach has been confirmed to be moving into 'free to play' mode starting this summer.

So, if not rev up for Eberron, then this run down is for you.

Monday (8/6/09)
Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Champion of Prophecy

Wednesday (10/6/09)
Monster Manual 2 Wallpapers
Dungeon Tiles Excerpts: DU4 Arcane Tower
Steal This Hook! Intrigue in the Summertime

Gift With Purchase Weekend

Friday (12/6/09)
Spotlight Interview: Revenant
Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Feats
D&D Podcast: Eberron (June 2009)

Next week, the Eberron Player's Guide will be released and we'll start seeing double excerpts from the Eberron Campaign Guide and Divine Power with a dash from E2 Kingdom of Ghouls. There will also be a Vicious Venues coming up as well.

Subscribers will most likely be looking forward to the Revenant article coming up that has been discussed in this week's Spotlight Interview.

So is there anything else that is riling you up next week?

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