June 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - E2 Kingdom of Ghouls Art & Map Gallery and Excerpts

E2 Kingdom of Ghouls Art Gallery
E2 Kingdom of Ghouls Map Gallery
E2 Kingdom of Ghouls Excerpts

E2 Kingdom of Ghouls should be released by now and it takes 24th level adventurers to the White Kingdom where they must enter into the maws of hunger itself to recover dangerous weapons and primordial artifacts stolen from Deaths' Reach.

The excerpt gives you 3 sample encounters from the adventure, an introduction to the plot hooks for the adventure and a couple of new monsters; the Black Bloodspawns.

Most of the encounter maps from the map are marked so they are pretty useless but the overview maps of the dungeons might be helpful. Sadly, there isn't a complete map of Sigil in this adventure which is a shame really.

On the other hand, the art in this adventure is really awesome. As seen previously, this adventure has some really great landscape and city artworks, especially the one of Sigil. There are also a couple of Lovecraftian illustrations which should be useful if you are running a horror game.

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