July 11, 2009

Word of Wizards - 11/7/09

There's been so much update this week at Wizards that I haven't been able to catch up with them at all. So some of this week's links might be directed straight at Wizards' website rather than my own posts on them.

This week, the excerpts from Divine Power and Eberron Campaign Guide have concluded which will open way for the next batch of excerpts. This time sadly, it will only come from one book which is Adventurer's Vault 2. However, on the other end, the previews of the Legendary Evils monster miniature line has started.

The features of this week has been mainly centered on Divine Power which were covered by this month's Steal This Hook! and the D&D Podcast. In addition, Wizards have also introduced a new feature called Out-of-the-Box Encounter which teaches you how to effectively use your miniatures in-game.

There's also a video interview with R.A Salvatore who has just released the second book in the Transistion trilogy, The Pirate King.

So if you haven't really been able to catch up with these updates, like me, here's the rundown.

Monday (6/7/09)
Previews for July and Beyond
Divine Power Excerpts: Virtuous Paladin
Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Drooam & Encounter

Wednesday (8/7/09)
July 2009 Character Builder & Compendium News
Success Along the Adventure Path 8
Steal This Hook! Threats of a Divine Nature
Out-of-the-Box Encounter: Aboleth Slime Mage
Book Nook: R.A. Salvatore

Thursday (9/7/09)
Legendary Evils Preview 1

Friday (10/7/09)
Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Q'barra & Table of Contents
Divine Power Excerpts: Avatar of Death

Next week, there will only be one excerpt from the Eberron adventure module, Seekers of the Ashen Crown. Other than that, we can expect to see this month's Vicious Venues and Spotlight Interview. There's also a conversion article for Exemplars of Evil from 3.x which might be interesting

Subscribers will have a lot to look forward starting with a Class Acts article and Design and Development: Psionics on Monday followed by Familiars of Eberron on Friday.

Also, I have a little announcement to make. After considering the feedback that I asked in last week's Burning Question, I've decided to reduce the Word of Wizards feature down to a weekly one. Which means that I would no longer be posting single post on each and every update that appears on the Wizards website as soon as their up. Instead what I'll do is something much more like these weekly compilations on every Saturday with direct links to all the items that were added to the Wizards website during that week.

Although this changes are effective starting next week but I don't mind listening to any feedback that you might have on these changes (or if you missed the Burning Question from last week, be sure to drop some feedback). Of course, I will like to thank everyone who has supported me for doing this longest running feature of the blog.

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