July 1, 2009

Word of Wizards - Arcane Heroes 3

Arcane Heroes 3

This box contains a male Human Swordmage, female Human Wizard and a Warforged Artificer.

Human Swordmage
A pretty neat looking miniature based on Geran Hulmaster from the Forgotten Realms novel; Swordmage. This miniature looks like it could be a substitute for a martial class or a gruff-looking bard. This swordmage wields a Frostwind Blade (Level 1?; At-will) with deals damage to one enemy and another marked enemy.

Human Wizard
At first when I saw the mask, I didn't quite like it but on second thought, since the mask hides the face of the miniature means that it can be used to represent other races like elves, eladrins and devas.

After casting a spell that is in her spellbook, she could Refocus (Level 6; Daily) to use an unexpended utility or daily spell of the same level to cast that spell again with a +1 power bonus to attack with that spell until the end of her next turn.

Warforged Artificer
I'm very disappointed with the warforged heroes that they have produce in this set. Although this one is not as abysmal as the Warforged Cleric in the previously previewed Divine Heroes 2, it isn't a great looking miniature as well. The artificer can cast an Unbalancing Force (Level ?; Encounter?) that allows an ally to push a target when they hit it.

Any thoughts on this box?

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