November 15, 2008

Word of Wizards - 15/11/08

This week we saw the launch of the Character Builder Beta and reviews from the bloggersphere and forums has been buzzing.

We also saw the last excerpts from the Draconomicon.

So let's get over with the rundown.

Monday (10/11/08)
Excerpts: Heart of Darkness
D&D Podcast: Episode 28

Wednesday (12/11/08)
Spotlight Interview: Martial Power
Digital Insider #15: Builder Beta
Success Along the Adventure Path
D&D Miniatures Gallery: Demonweb

Friday (14/11/08)
Excerpts: Dragonkin Kobold
Draconomicon Art & Map Gallery
D&D Experience 2009

Next week, we'll start getting a glimpse at the Manual of the Planes which should be interesting so stay tuned.

Till then!

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