January 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - 17/1/09

It's so soon and we're already halfway through January. It was a pretty interesting week shaped up by some good content on the Wizards' side.

We had a podcast which brought up an interesting discussions on skill challenges and healing surges by Mike Mearls and his new co-host, Jeremy Crawford. There's also a few insights on future books and classes which tells us what we can expect in the future.

There was also an interview with Wayne Reynolds which let us know more about him and how the art direction happens for Wizards.

For this week's excerpts, we took a look at templates, alternative powers for liches and the demilich from Open Grave.

On the Insider of things, the full version of the Character Builder seems to be building up pretty well for its scheduled release at the end of the month. Wizards have also made their intentions known to take action about some troubles that subscribers have with their accounts and terminating their subscriptions.

So if you missed any of these, you can simply check back from this week's rundown.

Monday (12/1/09)
D&D Podcast: Episode 31
Open Grave Excerpts: Spirit Possessed

Wednesday (14/1/09)
Steal This Hook! Winter in the Forest
Digital Insider #21

Friday (16/1/09)
Open Grave Excerpts: Demilich
Spotlight Interview: Wayne Reynolds

Next week will be the release of Open Grave and we'll be seeing an excerpt from a book that's been rarely talked about so far. I'm hoping to be surprise for this one.

See ya!

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