March 21, 2009

Word of Wizards - 21/3/09

The Player's Handbook 2 is finally released and everyone is satisfying their primal urges. It's also World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day today, so if you haven't bought the book, you could certainly test out the new classes in your nearest participating FLGS. Otherwise, you can tune in to the action over at the War Pig Radio and listen to their coverage of the international event.

This week, we also take a trip down the memory lane with the bard and the druid that have made their return in 4th edition in the PHB 2.

In the meantime, we're starting to get a first look at Arcane Power but the excerpts so far have been pretty disappointing. We also had an interview with Susan Morris, the lady behind the Practical Guide to Faeries and a fiery podcast with the crew of Acquisition Inc.

An important announcement was made this week with Stephen Schubert being officially appointed as the new Lead Developer for D&D, taking the spot that was left vacant since Mike Mearls was made Lead Designer.

Don't want to miss out on anything this week? Then here's the rundown.

Monday (16/3/09)
Excerpts: Arcane Power Rituals

Wednesday (18/3/09)
D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep5

WotC Names Stephen Schubert as D&D Lead Developer

D&D Alumni: Druid & Bard
Spotlight Interview - Pip & Susan Morris
Excerpts: Arcane Hunter

Next week will be another big week with some good content coming in. First off, we will have more Arcane Power excerpts rolling in, starting off with a new warlock pact (the Vestige pact?) on Monday. There is a possibility that it will be a double podcast week and perhaps the monthly Vicious Venue will be up too.

Wizards will also be releasing the map and art galleries of Player's Handbook 2 and Dungeon Delve which is hopefully useful.

Subscribers can look forward to a Martial Power 2 playtest document on Monday too!

So see you all then and happy WWDDGD!

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