June 20, 2009

Word of Wizards - 20/6/09

It's been one heck of a week since the release of the Eberron Player's Guide and E2 Kingdom of Ghouls. Other than the excerpts from Divine Power and the Eberron Campaign Guide, Wizards are also starting to preview the second set of Player's Handbook miniatures.

But the biggest announcement this week I think is the two big contest that they are having. This is your big chance to get free accommodation and badges to GenCon for you or your long lost gaming buddies. There are other things happening with Wizards' online offerings, both Insider and their community forums.

So here's a rundown of what has happened at Wizards for the past week.

Monday (15/6/09)
Divine Power Excerpts: Favored Soul
Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Introduction & Aundair
Eberron Player's Guide Art Gallery
So You Think You Can DRAGONLANCE?

Tuesday (16/6/09)
PayPal Option for D&DI
Community Survey

Wednesday (17/6/09)
Divine Heroes 2
Free RPG Day
E2 Kingdom of Ghouls Art & Map Gallery and Excerpts
Success Along the Adventure Path 7
Vicious Venues - The Maw

Friday (19/6/09)
Divine Power Excerpts: Rituals
Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Breland & Threat to Eberron
D&D Never Split the Party Contest

Next week, we will have our weekly dosage from Eberron Campaign Guide and Divine Power excerpts but the highlight will be on the D&D podcast.

For Insiders, they can look forward to a Class Act article for Bards and another playtest for Monster Manual 3.

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