April 4, 2009

Word of Wizards - 4/4/09

It has been a productive week over at Wizards with exciting announcements and previews of not only Arcane Power but the new Player's Handbook Heroes minis and even a glimpse of the Player's Handbook 3 that was open to everyone. Wizards even released a secret delve that was not included in the Dungeon Delve for laughable reasons.

Don't want to miss out on the fun? Then catch up with this week's rundown below.

Do it, or Drizzt will kick your ass.

Arcane Power Excerpts: Cosmic Magic
April Editorial Calendar

Wednesday (1/4/09)
Previews for April 1st
Dungeon Delve: Fool's Grove
Player's Handbook 3 Preview: Witchaloks
D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep7
Martial Heroes Preview 1

Friday (3/4/09)
Arcane Power Excerpts: Feats
Divine Heroes

Next week, Wizards will be down with serious business as they released a new playtest for Insiders. They've changed the name of the Dual class to Hybrid Classes, which gives me a feeling that they are going to canonize the Gladiator and Assassin classes from Dragon and make more classes of similar style.

We also see the last batch of excerpts for Arcane Power and the final episode of the Penny Arcade/PvP podcast. Stay tuned for a heavy preview next week.

Any predictions for next week?

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