June 27, 2009

Word of Wizards - 27/6/09

Contents are still pouring in with previews from Eberron Campaign Guide detailing Karnath and the Mournland, For Divine Power, we saw the introduction of a new build for the invoker and domains.

We also had a podcast on some rules-related questions and an interesting article on the history of minis in D&D. The month is starting to wrap up with an art and map gallery from Dungeon 167.

Wizards has also announced a peculiar competition that involves the latest designs in footwear.

So here is this week's rundown, if you missed any of the contents.

Monday (22/6/09)
Divine Power Excerpts: Malediction Invoker
Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: Karnath & Travel in Eberron

Wednesday (24/6/09)
Eberron Player's Guide Wallpaper
Dungeon 167 Art & Map Gallery
Primal Heroes 2

Friday (26/6/09)
Eberron Campaign Guide Excerpts: The Mournland and Monsters
Divine Power Excerpts: Destruction Domain
D&D Alumni: Minis in the Game
Martial Heroes 4
D&D Podcast: Tales of Customer Service (June 2009)
Sell Your Sole Competition

Next week, there will be little updates which is normal for the end of the month. We can only expect to see a couple more excerpts from Divine Power and Eberron Campaign Guide with the art gallery from this month's Dragon.

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